Skiing in the Scottish Highlands

The original home of Scottish Skiing is Carrbridge as it was the location of the first professional Ski School.  Skiing has now become one of the main tourist attractions and a universally popular sport with all ages.  A healthy, invigorating and challenging sport that one can start to learn from a tender age – after all, balance is the largest hurdle at the outset!  The wonderful ski slopes of the Lecht and the Cairngorms  cover the Spey Valley,and with their ease of access, it encourages the skier of all levels of skill.

Skiing on your own or in the hands of an experienced instructor you can enjoy the sense of freedom and achievement. Ski lessons and equipment are all available locally making this a great place for learning at all levels and ages,so there is no need to bring your own equipment,just bring yourself.There is a bus service to take you to the top of the cairngorms so you don’t need to drive,this bus is a short walk from Holly cottage.

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